The City of Tampa contains numerous truck traffic generators and destinations including two international shipping ports, industrial and commercial sites, numerous warehouses, a railroad inter-modal distribution center, and the Tampa International Airport. In addition, the City contains several historic neighborhoods including Ybor City and Hyde Park. All parties with an interest in trucking in the City were concerned about keeping truck traffic on appropriate roads. To guide truck drivers to drive on the designated truck route system and increase their compliance, The City of Tampa – Transportation Division would like to develop an effective citywide Truck Route Signing Program. The research team at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida (USF) assisted the City in this important initiative by proposing and developing truck route signing program for the City of Tampa via a pilot study on selected sites. Through this project, CUTR conducted literature review, performed field investigation, designed truck route signage and experiment plan, conducted before and after study of implementing proposed signage, and evaluated their effectiveness of the proposed truck route signing program for the City of Tampa. The preliminary evaluation result showed that the proposed truck route signing program for the City of Tampa could effectively keep truck traffic on appropriate roads. The proposed program could help expand the economy of the Tampa Bay area and also preserve the quality of life within residential areas.

Partners: City of Tampa and University of South Florida